That Which is to Come


As the blind idiot god fools the wise, we present most of the titles for the upcoming album for you:

“the great epidemic of 1846”
“children of Dagon”
“walking with shadows”
“the azathoth cycle”
“a bolt from the grave”

One more new song is in the making and we’re also rehearsing 2 old songs from the demos. But we keep those titles along with the albumtitle a secret for a few more aeons…

Happy ending death worshipers


Thank you all for the support throughout 2011. It’s been a hell of a year for us. Both musically and personally, a mix that’s really have made our bond within the band stronger! You’re all a big part of it…

And as you know by now, the next album will be recorded during february. The working title is set, and we feel that title turned out killer so we’ll use that for the album. In time it’ll be revealed. As well as the cover, it’s almost finished. Less colour, but as much Lovecraft as our debut, if not more…

2012 – the end of all, or the beginning of death? We all will see

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