Jonas Lindblad

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Name: Jonas Lindblad

Born: -77

Nickname: Lindblood, the doctor

Handles: Guitars & Vokills

Previous/Other bands: Taetre, Deletion, Thorium,

Equipment: Ltd Ex-400, Randahl amp, Boss Hm2, Boss Ns2

Influenced by: Late ’80s & early ’90s metal music.

Fave food: I like spicy food. Extremly spicy thai food is close to where my heart was.

Fave drinks: Coffee

Endorsed by: nofear tattoo

Best Puteraeon song: “Experience zombiefication”

Best Puteraeon gig:

Essential albums: Dismember “Like an everflowing stream”, Entombed “Clandestine”, At The Gates “Gardens of grief”, Grave “You’ll never see”

Euthanasia: Witchcraft 1.01

Last rites: En ost & baconkorv med västkust

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