Echoes from the past


Just wanted to let you in on this. Alongside rehearsing and recording the new album we are starting brainstorming ideas for a video for the next album. We have found a really cool location that we will use.
More on the new album.
Our good friend Chris have started doing the coverartwork, wich will match the albumtitle perfect. Chris have done the coverartwork for us earlier on “The Esoteric Order” and also the demos “The Requiem” & “The extraordinary work of Herbert West”.
As it looks right now, the album will contain 11 songs, of wich 10 are completed as of this writing. Once again this new album is heavily Lovecraft inspired. Can’t wait to see what all you sickos think of it.
Ia Dagon!

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Patches are here


New item in merchandise: Logo patches, black and white. Limited edition of 100 copies.

Package arrived today and the patches looks totally awesome. Photos and an updated merchandise page will very soon be online.
The price will be 30 swedish kronor, that equals about US$ 4.5 and € 3.5. Postage not included.

Hang in there, we’ll update in a day or two!

Gothenburgh once again!


“Big fuckin thanks to all the people who showed up, supported, got sweaty, screamed, bought the fuckin t-shirt yesterday night at Gothenburg Deathfest!
You made our night very special!”
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