The Disciples Of Cthulhu


On October 25’th, it’s time for the second installment of PUTERAEON – TURBOCHARGED – HEDON. The same trio that made sure our death metal starving hometown got what they deserved earlier this year. This time, Gothenburgh will be full.

Gig poster

Gig poster

Thank you Stockholm Death Fest

Photo credit: Sinners Art ©

Photo credit: Sinners Art ©

Thanks to every single person showing up – fans, friends and foes alike.

Special thanks goes out to the crew at SDF, all bands we shared the good times with and Anders Biazzi (and family) – what you did for us we can never really pay back, we’re more grateful than the waking god from the blackest abyss in R’lyeh!!

Review in Swedish: Musicstage.se

Check out the first song “Path To Oblivion” + intro at SDM on youtube. Credits: Elinor Vandija

Midsummer in Germany


A big big thanks to ALL for last weekend.
We had a blast and can’t wait to get back!!


Photo credit: schlachtbank.org

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