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A sign straight from the graves


Cheerz folks!
It’s been a while since we revealed what the future holds for Puteraeon! You might have seen a few song titles for our upcoming album, like “The great epidemic of 1846” and “A bolt from the grave”. You get two more right here, right now: “Walking with shadows” and “The azatoth cycle”!
We might reveal more later on, beware and stay updated!

We’re also in the making of a few video clips during our pre production and all the work on the new album. Do send us any questions you have, and we will include them in a video post! This answering and shooting video clips will be done continously, starting now!
Send us a message either from the site, comment on the post or through our facebook page!

For now, stay dead and rotten!

Echoes from the past


Just wanted to let you in on this. Alongside rehearsing and recording the new album we are starting brainstorming ideas for a video for the next album. We have found a really cool location that we will use.
More on the new album.
Our good friend Chris have started doing the coverartwork, wich will match the albumtitle perfect. Chris have done the coverartwork for us earlier on “The Esoteric Order” and also the demos “The Requiem” & “The extraordinary work of Herbert West”.
As it looks right now, the album will contain 11 songs, of wich 10 are completed as of this writing. Once again this new album is heavily Lovecraft inspired. Can’t wait to see what all you sickos think of it.
Ia Dagon!

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