Rotten death metal…


We’ve been planning a gig in our home town for quite some time now, and we got the chance to have a total holocaust at MX Rockbar, downtown Alingsås. A date was set for the gig, the 24’th of March and the first band accepting our request for them to participate on the event is INTESTINAL from Finspång (swe).
Two bands makes perhaps no bigger impact on the west coast scene, so we asked one of the cult acts of swedish death metal, NOMINON, to take a part of this evening, and on this day; friday the 13’th of january the beast from Jönköping mercilessly accepted our invitation… It’s a good start of the new year, don’t you think?

We have also had our first meeting with our sound engineer about the recording of the second album. And, things will happen quite quickly now. Very soon we’ll set up the recording environment, and start the last rehearsals for the album and finishing touches. Expect us to report to you day by day as this masterpiece is being created…

And don’t forget Västervik in february…check the gigs section!

In r’lyeh he slumbers…

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