First gig 2016


Autumn in the rottery


That means new merchandise, check it out. Package deals are up on the merchandise page, go see for yourself and grab something before it is too late.

And also, we will be taking pre-orders on HOODS, this will be very limited as we won’t keep this in stock. If interested, drop us a line. It will be our logo printed in white on the front. We are waiting for prices from our printing boss! But, get in touch as this offer will end in just a few weeks.

Our esoteric order continues…


With just nine days until we hit the stage at PARTY.SAN we think it’s time to let you know that we start the onslaught at 13:00 on friday the 12’th. So we’re opening up the friday. A perfect eye opener we think!!

Furthermore we’re heading to FinspĂ„ng on the 22’nd of October. Destroying the stage with PAGANIZER and INTESTINAL! All info will be updated in our Gigs section ofcourse.

New T-shirts has arrived. Check out our merchandise and also, it seems we finally can accept international orders and payments via PayPal. All back orders (i.e all you who contacted us via email) will be sorted out really really soon. Just understand that we have our asses full now as Party San is coming up…really fast too!!

That’s it freaks. Hope to see ya in Germany!


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